Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Siphon: How Companies Plunder the Pension Piggy Banks

Chapter 2
Heist: How Companies Replenished Pension Assets by Cutting Benefits

Chapter 3
Profit Center: How Pension and Retiree Health Plans Boost Earnings

Chapter 4
Health Scare: Inflating Retiree Health Liabilities to Boost Profits

Chapter 5
Portfolio Management: Swapping Populations of Retirees for Cash and Profits

Chapter 6
Wealth Transfer: The Hidden Burden of Spiraling Executive Pensions and Pay

Chapter 7
Death Benefits: How Dead Peasants Help Finance Executive Pay

Chapter 8
Unfair Shares: Using Employees’ Pensions to Finance Executive Liabilities

Chapter 9
Project Sunshine: A Human Resources Plot to Dissolve Retiree Benefits

Chapter 10
Twilight Zone: How Companies Use Pension Law to Thwart Retirees

Chapter 11
In Denial: Incentives to Withhold Benefits

Chapter 12
Epitaph: The Games Continue