Retiree Organizations

Retiree Organizations by Employer:
Aetna Retirees Association
Mission: To involve retirees in protecting the medical, dental, vision, prescription drug and life insurance benefits as well as the pensions that Aetna committed itself to, so that Aetna retirees may live in retirement as Aetna promised they would.

AFSCME Retirees
Mission: To protect and improve the pensions and retiree health benefits of state and local government retirees.

Allstate Agents Pension and Benefits Action Coalition
Mission: To right the wrong of frozen pensions and suspended benefits to the same people who do the same jobs now as independent contractors that they did for many years as employees.

American Federation of Teachers Program on Retirement and Retirees
Mission: To help AFT retirees defend their rights, build strong retirement chapters and obtain the best benefits available to them as union members.

Association of Ameritech / SBC Retirees
Mission: To preserve and enhance pension, healthcare, and other benefits earned by retirees while employed by SBC and its predecessor and/or successor companies.

AT&T Concerned Employees Retiree Council on Retirement Protection (ACER)
Mission: To preserve and protect pension and retirement benefits for AT&T’s family of employees and retirees through education and communication.

BellSouth Retirees Association
Mission: To improve communications among the retirees of BellSouth and to offer a platform where the voices of BellSouth retirees can come together as one. The BellSouth Retirees Association aims to will get the message of protecting promised benefits before the leaders of BellSouth and demand they listen.

Association of BellTel Retirees
Mission: To advocate for the more than 220,000 Bell Atlantic, NYNEX, GTE and VERIZON retirees. The Association also represents active employees regarding retiree issues, such as cash balance plan conversions and recently announced termination of management pension and healthcare benefits.

Central States Pension Improvement Committee
Mission: To work together to fight the pension cuts, win stronger benefits, and end unfair reemployment rules related to the Central States Pension Plan.

National Chrysler Retirement Organization
Mission: To protect pension and other benefits; to inform, educate, and communicate; to support American workers, jobs, and products; and to build camaraderie and fellowship.

Coalition of Retired Employees of the Ohio Education Association
Mission: To protect the rights and benefits of the retired employees of the Ohio Education Association.

CWA Retired Member’s Council
Mission: To focus on the critical issues facing retirees by allowing retirees to have input into key retiree programs as they are shaped through contract negotiations and or legislation. The Council achieves this by representing the concerns of retired members before and during contract negotiations.

CWA-CUTW Retired Members Club
Mission: To provide members with information about medical and other benefits.

Delphi Salaried Retiree Association
Mission: To provide one location for information to Delphi Salaried retirees, present and future, their spouses, survivors and dependents in the Delphi Salaried Health Care and Life Insurance Plans of Delphi Corporation, or any future plans, and to provide one location to identify all members and to support ONE association and its mission/bylaws/leadership/membership.

Detroit-Edison Alliance of Retirees
Mission: To protect against the erosion of benefits for retired employees.
Mission: To raise awareness about cash balance plans among American workers, specifically Duke Energy employees, former employees and retirees.
FAIR Alliance, Inc. (Ford Actions Impacting Retirees)
Mission: To engender a unified voice committed to the preservation and promotion of medical and financial retirement security as well as the resurgence and success of the company’s competitive position in a global automotive industry.

GM Retirees Association
Mission: To urge the preservation and, if possible, the enhancement of pension, health care and other benefits earned by GM Retirees through their years of labor and loyalty to GM; to help strengthen General Motors to the best of its ability and, to the extent consistent with Retirees’ interests, use its network of Retirees and Public Relations assets to support General Motors’ business.

General Motors
Over the Hill Car People
Mission: To present a strong, united voice in Washington as well as with the news media and the general public about retirees of General Motors.

IBM Employee Benefits Action Coalition
Mission: To provide IBM employees, IBM retirees and other interested or affected parties with increased awareness of and education about significant changes in IBM pension  and benefit plans.

IBM Retirees
Mission: To provide a service to IBM employees and friends, investors, and others who don’t have the time to follow the large volume of postings on the Yahoo! clubs.

Mission: To preserve and improve rights and benefits of employees at IBM. Alliance@IBM also strive towards restoring management’s respect for the individual and the value we bring to the company as employees. Our mission is to make our voice heard with IBM management, shareholders, government and the media.

Johns Manville Retirees Association
Mission: To the protect, preserve, and improve retiree benefits for its approximately 2,500 dues paying members.

Lucent Retirees Organization
Mission: To address the interests of the 127,000 individuals covered under the Lucent pension plan by leveraging its members’ Lucent stock ownership power, their long-standing and influential relationships not only with Lucent but with Lucent’s customers and their influence with lawmakers and regulators.

Moore Retiree Group
Mission: To serve its members by presenting factual, balanced, and accurate coverage of major issues and events.

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE)
Mission: to protect and improve the retirement benefits of federal retirees, employees and their families.

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE)
Mission: to protect and improve the retirement benefits of federal retirees, employees and their families.

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Mission: To build the capacity of its members to help older persons and persons with disabilities live with dignity and choices in their homes and communities for as long as possible.

National Education Association – Retired
Mission: to protect and improve retirement pension, and health benefits—including state pensions, Social Security and Medicare; to improve public education through mentoring, literacy, and intergenerational programs and activities; and to achieve legislative and political action goals for education and education employees.

Ohio Education Association:
Coalition of Retired Employees of the Ohio Education Association
Mission: To protect the rights and benefits of the retired employees of the Ohio Education Association.

Pan Am:  
Association of Former Pan Am Employees, Inc.
Mission: To deal with the issue of pension benefits for some 85,000 former employees of both Pan Am and National Air Lines.

National Association of Prudential Retirees (NAPRI)
Mission: To communicate and share information about pension and health insurance benefits with Prudential retirees, employees and vested participants.

Railroad Retirement System:  
National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees
Mission: To protect and preserve the Railroad Retirement System for retired and current railway workers, their spouses, widows and widowers.

Association of Raytheon Retirees
Mission: to be the voice of all Raytheon retirees to assure that pension and retirement benefits are provided as promised and to maintain and improve these benefits to the maximum extent possible.

Southern New England Telephone Retirees Association (SNET)
Mission: To ensure that SNET retirees are not forgotten when it comes to the retirement benefits promised to them at retirement. The group also advocates for cost-of-living adjustments for everyone living on fixed retirement incomes.

Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees
Mission: To link the USW’s active members with those in retirement so that both can work on the special problems and needs faced by USW pensioners and their spouses.

TelCo Retirees Association
Mission: To protect, enhance and assure the continuation of retirees’ pensions and other benefits promised by the company at the time of retirement.

Textron Systems Retirees Association, Inc.
Mission: To serve the interests and needs of current and future retirees of the Textron Systems Division of Textron Corporation by ensuring that members receive the retirement benefits to which they are entitled.

United Auto Workers Retired Workers
Mission: To fight for social and economic justice for all working and retired people.

UPS: National Alliance of “Brown” Employees And Retirees Inc. (NABER)
Mission: To share information, promote the interests, and assist with the challenges of being a current or former UPS hourly employee.

UPS: People United Providing Service, Inc. (PUPS, Inc.)
Mission: To help UPS retirees ascertain their benefits and services. Since 1995, PUPS has helped many individuals with great success.

US West: Association of US West Retirees (AUSWR)
Mission: To represent its more than 40,000 Qwest Communications retirees and surviving spouses by helping ensure that each retiree receives every benefit earned as a result of their long service to the company.